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Important Discord Rules & Information

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Janarneb, Nov 26, 2017.

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    Discord Rules & Information
    What is Discord?

    Discord is a free to use communication platform. It is used to talk and text chat to other people who are also connected to the server.
    On our Discord do we offer different channels which you can join.​

    Connection details

    How do I download Discord?
    First, you have to create an account HERE. Then check your email to confirm your account. You can either choose to use the Discord browser version or download a PC / Mobile version HERE.

    How do I connect to the EmporiorNetwork Discord server?
    You can connect to the EmporiorNetwork discord while being logged in by clicking on the following link:

    Discord Rules
    ★ Do not advertise (Share IP's/invite links to other servers/YouTube channels)!
    ★ You may speak only English in the channels!
    ★ Do not harass other users!
    ★ Do not disrespect staff members!
    ★ Do not pretend to be someone that you are not!
    ★ Do not use inappropriate nicknames/profile pictures!
    ★ Do not swear!
    ★ Do not send sexual/adult content!
    ★ Do not spam in any way!
    ★ Do not use any deadly diseases in a negative statement!
    ★ Do not use voice screamers in the voice channels!
    ★ Do not encourage players to break the rules!
    ★ Going off-topic in #help-support_chat will get you instantly kicked!

    ! Please Note !
    Breaking this rules will result in a BAN!
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Thread Status:
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